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On writing: I finally know what I am

December 31, 2013 26 comments

So, that other day I was reading Lucinda Whitney’s blog post discussing my favorite writing software, Scrivener. It’s a great post, and you should go read it. But that’s not why I’m referring to it here.

There have been many discussions on writing styles and their relative merits. Those typically talked about are the “pantser” and the “plotter”, both fairly descriptive of the approach taken by an individual favoring one way or the other. As I was reading Lucinda’s post, though, I ran across a term she used to refer to her writing style, and I must admit that I like it. Check out the following excerpt:

But what I love the most about the binder is the ability to move around the chapters and scenes. As a discovery writer, I sometimes write scenes/chapters out of sequential order. If the inspiration strikes, I write it and I worry later where it goes in the story.

Did you see it? Discovery writer. What a wonderful term. To me, it seems so much more elegant than “pantser”, and seems to convey the real process of writing we non-plotters pursue.

It’s nice to finally know what I really am 🙂

And since this is my last post of the year, I’d like to also wish all my blog friends a wonderful and happy new year. I’m looking forward to keeping up with everyone’s journeys over the following months. Be safe, and see you next year!


Bizzare version of a Christmas song

December 23, 2013 15 comments

And now, a short post on a Christmas related topic.

I’ll admit I’m a big fan of Christmas music. I usually fire it up in early November and play it right through Christmas day. Over the years I’ve listened to music from almost every genre, and my personal collection of Christmas tunes would be considered eclectic. So, imagine my surprise when just this year my wife introduced me to what I must, in the end, classify as probably the strangest version of a familiar Christmas song.

“Which song, Dave?” someone out there has surely asked by now. Why, Jingle Bells, as recorded by Amy Grant. Funny thing is, I like Amy Grant and have enjoyed some of her music over the years, but I just couldn’t handle this arrangement. Sorry, Amy.

Now, take a deep breath, then press play and see how long you can last before the urge to bang your head against the wall overcomes your natural instincts for survival.

So, anyone else have examples of awful Christmas songs, or versions of good songs that completely missed the mark? Or better yet, anyone like this version of Jingle Bells? Maybe I’m just not sophisticated enough to appreciate it.


(Almost) winter snow

December 8, 2013 23 comments

Here in northern California, we don’t often get snow. But when we do, it sure makes everything look pretty. Here’s what it looked like yesterday.


See that window on the lower right? That’s where I spend most of my life, either working or writing.

Unfortunately, we’re a bit behind on putting up decorations. We should be caught up this week, though 🙂


Once a year addiction

March 10, 2012 3 comments

It’s a good thing Easter only comes around once a year. Otherwise, I’d likely weigh three hundred pounds by now. Why? Because of these insidious seasonal treats.

Addictive bunny time treats

And we’ve got another month to go before Easter? Oh man, I’m in big trouble.


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Christmas in September

September 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Gotta love Costco. If anyone is going to start a trend early, it’s going to be Costco, though they seem to be a little behind from last year. You see, last July, they were already carrying Christmas items. I guess this year they wanted to wait a little later, so it’s Christmas in September (early September at that). I have proof, too. See?

Christmas in September from Costco

While we already have a snowman, we did see something else we want: presents that light up. This year, around our own snowman and Christmas tree, we’ll have boxes of gifts that light up. Sweet. Should look good.


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