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On writing: I finally know what I am

December 31, 2013 26 comments

So, that other day I was reading Lucinda Whitney’s blog post discussing my favorite writing software, Scrivener. It’s a great post, and you should go read it. But that’s not why I’m referring to it here.

There have been many discussions on writing styles and their relative merits. Those typically talked about are the “pantser” and the “plotter”, both fairly descriptive of the approach taken by an individual favoring one way or the other. As I was reading Lucinda’s post, though, I ran across a term she used to refer to her writing style, and I must admit that I like it. Check out the following excerpt:

But what I love the most about the binder is the ability to move around the chapters and scenes. As a discovery writer, I sometimes write scenes/chapters out of sequential order. If the inspiration strikes, I write it and I worry later where it goes in the story.

Did you see it? Discovery writer. What a wonderful term. To me, it seems so much more elegant than “pantser”, and seems to convey the real process of writing we non-plotters pursue.

It’s nice to finally know what I really am 🙂

And since this is my last post of the year, I’d like to also wish all my blog friends a wonderful and happy new year. I’m looking forward to keeping up with everyone’s journeys over the following months. Be safe, and see you next year!


On writing: slow down to speed up

September 18, 2013 25 comments

Doesn’t make much sense, does it? Write slower to write more. Yeah, didn’t seem reasonable to me, either … at first. But, after reading The Secret to Writing Faster, I thought a bit more about the proposition. And you know what? It makes sense.

If you didn’t go and read the article, I can summarize it by saying the author, Karen Dionne, believes that writing longhand can actually be faster, in the end, than using a computer. Pretty outlandish, huh? Well, not necessarily. Many years ago, I wrote a fair amount of my first novel by hand (I mention this briefly in an old blog post My first novel: a retrospective – part I) Though I didn’t expound much on the experience in the older post, I can say now that I did see some of the two main advantages Dionne describes in her article. She said that

My sentences are also cleaner. Because I write more slowly by hand than I can type, I give more thought to what I’m writing, and am thus more careful about what I put on page.


… that’s the corollary to writing faster. Slow down. Think about the words before you put them to paper, and the words you write are more likely to be ones that will stay.

Looking back, I can say I think this was true for me as well. Yes, I bemoaned the need for typing in all those well-crafted words after having already written them in notebooks, but I think overall the sentences and the story were better for having been written by hand. Now to be fair, even though I believe what I just said, I haven’t, as of yet, given up my MacBook and Scrivener.

Where I write

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It should be noted that the idea of writing slower can also be applied even when sitting in front of a computer and keyboard. It’s just harder, that’s all 🙂

So, anyone out there like to do things old-school? Done it before and hated it? Loved it? Never going to give up on the computer?