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On life and writing: disconnect to connect

September 27, 2013 31 comments

Ever feel connected to the world through your iPhone, or even your iPad? You can pretty much do anything with these devices: play games, read the news, send and receive email, check Facebook. Know what you can’t do with a smart phone? Well, watch this great video and find out.

As time goes by, I feel myself wanting to pull away from technology and spend more time in the real world. You know, that place where we all spent our time long before instant connection, instant communication, and constant interruption? As the video illustrates so well, as we are absorbed by our technology (or assimilated for those STTNG fans out there), we become disconnected from one another, and soon, our focus shifts from the world in which we live, and the people we love, to our gadgets. Eventually, for all practical purposes, we end up alone in a world of our own making, a world consisting of the Internet and everyone except those who are actually physically present with you. And sometimes, it can get even worse. Read this post to see how.

We writers should take note. For us, it’s especially important we take in the world around us — people, places, things — and use it to create stories filled with characters and places and events made real by that which we’ve experienced firsthand. Sure, there’s a place for the Internet and those gadgets we all love to own (click here to see my own technology obsession). They’re great for helping with research, keeping up with the news, reading about new things and new ideas, and providing a little entertainment. It’s only when our digital world becomes more important than the real world that we run into trouble.

Is anything worth losing the connection with those closest to us?


An Apple trifecta

April 8, 2012 6 comments

I’ve been an Apple fan since my oldest son introduced them to me some six or so years ago. I bought his old MacBook after he decided it was time to upgrade to the next best thing. From there on out, I was hooked, and I’ve “upgraded” myself several times since then.

But then Apple released a nifty little gadget called an iPhone. So of course, despite the fact that I didn’t need it, I bought one. And guess what? Each year since then, I’ve purchased the latest and greatest (except for the iPhone 4S … I kind of felt like it didn’t have enough new stuff to really entice me into buying it … so, I’ll wait for the iPhone 5 :-).

Oh, and then Apple came out with another device: the iPad. Though it wasn’t really a whole lot more than a large, glorified iPhone, it sure was cool. Suddenly you could read email, surf, and watch movies with a screen large enough to spare your eyes the agony of staring at your iPhone’s teensy, tiny screen. A real game changer in the world of personal computing.

The iPad, however, took some time to grow on me. Having spent many years in the world of software and computers, it seemed to me that the iPad was just too wimpy to be useful. I figured it would fizzle out after a short time in the spotlight. Despite my reservations, I bought an original iPad for my wife, Debbie, who loves it and uses it for all of her computing needs. Then came the iPad 2, which we happily purchased for her (and passed along her original iPad to our grandson 🙂 And of course, when the “new” iPad came out (come on, it’s an iPad 3, isn’t it?) we bought one immediately for Debbie. But that left us with an extra iPad. Or did it?

Yep, you guessed it. I decided to take her old iPad 2 and try it out. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after using it for a bit and customizing it to my needs, I must confess that it’s pretty darn good. It allows me to mostly do anything I want (or need) to do without having to lug around a heavy lap top.

The big win with an iPad is that it’s small and lightweight. That makes it ideal for travelling. So, to prove to myself that the iPad could handle everything I needed to do, on a recent trip I brought it along. Note that since I wasn’t completely convinced that it could do everything, I was paranoid and brought my laptop along … just in case. Guess what? I didn’t have to use the MacBook at all. Not once. I think that pretty much convinced me that from now on out, all I’ll bring along is my iPad.

Lots of Apple stuff here

You just have to love Apple.

I suppose the only place to go after this would be to get a MacBook Air. And maybe an iMac. Hmm …


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