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Quote of the Week: W. Somerset Maugham

I don’t normally reblog, but in this case I will. Megan’s post is short, but insightful, and the quote is perfect. It also references Scrivener, which is an amazing piece of software every writer should own.


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There are days when I wish people knew the three rules. I’ve spent hours and hours writing, organizing my thoughts, and trying to create a novel. I know there are no rules or formulas to writing a novel, as each are different and unique to the writer, but it would make life so much easier for us writers. There’s a system to writing poems and screenplays, so why not one for novels?

I’ve recently started working on a novel, and it’s been tough. Finding the time, finding the inspiration are things that I’m struggling with. I don’t write in a linear fashion when I’m creating longer works, and that’s always caused me some issues. I have all these collections of scenes, short stories, and ideas, and piecing them together is very time-consuming.

Earlier this month, I read a post from a fellow blogger talking about this program called Scrivener

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