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Writing update

So, as of tonight, I’ve finished editing three stories that I’m considering for submission to Cemetery Dance magazine. I think they’ve turned out pretty good, but we’ll see. I’ve turned them over to my alpha reader (my wife 🙂 to see what she thinks. After that, I’ll have my beta reader (you know who you are) look them over and get their opinion. After that, I’ll do a final edit then consider it ready for submission whenever it becomes time.

Editing these stories has been interesting. When I first wrote them, I thought they were pretty good. After gaining some perspective and maturity along the way, I discovered that the stories were not all that well written. They tended to be verbose, and the writing was stilted. Much of it “told” what was going on rather than “showed”. Kind of funny how, after you mature in your writing, it’s easy to see stuff that just doesn’t work for a variety of reasons. Bottom line: the new, edited versions of the shorts are, in my opinion, way better than the originals.

I’m curious to see what those who read the stories think of them. Once I know, I’ll post an update. And once I know which of the stories I’m going to submit, I’ll post the other two here.

Still making progress on the most recent novel, though it’s been somewhat slow given the emphasis on getting the short stories ready to go. All in all, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve accomplished over the last week. I finished editing three short stories *and* still made some progress on my current WIP.


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