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What’s up with my writing

Well, I’ve posted absolutely nothing for a while. Must have been slacking, right? Actually, just the opposite. I’ve been quite busy. With what? Well, here’s what I’m currently working on.

First, a certain magazine I read is accepting submissions for short stories in a couple of months. To be ready when they give the word, I’m now editing several of my favorite stories that fit right into their genre (that would be horror/thriller/dark fiction). Ok, so I’ll let the cat out of the bag. It happens to be a publisher by the name of Cemetery Dance. Not only do they publish great books from the horror/thriller/dark fiction genres, they also publish a quarterly magazine with awesome short stories. I’m hoping, with a little luck … well, a lot of luck, to join the ranks of the amazing authors already published.

Second, I’m back to editing my current work in progress, entitled Whispers in the Dark. When I finished the first draft, the ending was much less powerful than I’d originally envisioned. I think this was partly (or mostly) due to being burnt out at the time I hit The End. So, I decided to go back and do an edit/rewrite of the last chapter. I hope to finish it, and an edit of the entire manuscript, within the next couple of months while I work on editing and cleaning up the short stories. That should also give me enough time to prep for this year’s NaNoWriMo

I think once the most recent book is complete, and I’m done with the shorts, I might start posting some of my writing here. Perhaps some short stories (not the one I submit, of course :-), perhaps some of my most recent book, or maybe even my first book. Or, I could be really adventurous and start posting from my second book, which is about 2/3 complete. That could be quite entertaining seeing as of right now I have no earthly idea how it is supposed to end.


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