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Every writer’s worst nightmare

Though no writer in his right mind would (or should) maintain their latest manuscript as a single, mountainous pile of paper, one can still empathize with the pain, despair, and utter loss suffered by Professor Grady Tripp (Michael Douglas) in this funny/horrifying scene from the movie Wonder Boys.


In today’s world, I suppose this would be equivalent to hearing your computer’s hard disk screech and click to a premature death after having never bothered to back up your work. If it were me, I know my face would pretty much look like Grady’s, except I would be staring at my computer in disbelief while I imagined all those bits flying away to their death. Tripp’s tragedy, as played out and observed in today’s technologically advanced society, wouldn’t be nearly as spectacular a failure, but it would be just as heartbreaking as watching him stare at seven years worth of work swirling away through the air.

Something to consider next time you put off backing up your disk for one more day …


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