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It’s about time one of us showed up

So, yeah, I admit it. We are reality TV people. We don’t watch a huge number of shows, but we’re fans of the reality shows on the major networks. You know, the usual: Survivor, The Amazing Race, SYTYCD, American Idol (before Simon left and the show began sucking). This year, since American Idol was so awful last season and because we (okay, maybe just I) missed Simon, we decided to watch The X Factor. After a rocky start on the first episode, it has, so far, turned into an interesting show. I’m curious about how good it will be after switching to its so-called “boot camp”. Let’s hope it is still entertaining.

Now, to the main point of this post. Finally, after all these years, a “Pagan” made it onto reality TV. Yeah, that’s right, a Pagan. Well, not exactly a Pagan like us (pronounced Pay-Gun) but still a Pagan (pronounced Puh-Gone). That’s the Latin American pronunciation of the name (which apparently is about as common as Smith in those countries).

Jeremiah Pagan tried out on X Factor and actually received a whole minute of air time. Not a lot, but still not bad. He was pretty good, too, and was passed through to the next round. It will be fun to see how well he does as the competition continues. Though he’s not my favorite singer so far, I’ll still have to root for him just because he’s a fellow Pagan.

Go Jeremiah 🙂

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