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Seriously, California? Seriously?

September 1, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Three more reasons why the state of California is swirling ever faster down the toilet. The state is broke, businesses are leaving, houses are in foreclosure, Mexico is creeping further and further into the state, and the job market is terrible. So what does that mean to California’s lawmakers? Why, obviously, it means it’s time to avoid dealing with the tough issues and instead head straight for the ridiculous.

Good Lord. If this state was a human being, it would be placed on suicide watch. Go ahead and read. Make your day.

You know, making a bed is dangerous work.

There’s really a California Domestic Workers Coalition?

Sure, give money to illegal immigrants. Why not? We’ve got plenty.

There you go: sheets, baby sitters, and giving money to illegal immigrants. What a banner day for the state.

Seriously, California?


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