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On Blogging

Yeah, the world has more than enough of these silly things, doesn’t it? So why one more? Well, this isn’t really a new blog as much as it’s a continuation of my old blog, which can be found here. I began writing it several years ago and, despite the sometimes sporadic posts, I enjoyed it quite a bit. For those interested in why I’m now blogging here, go and read the last entry of my old blog and it will all make sense. However, there is one other reason, but being a diehard fan of Apple products makes it difficult for me to confess it in public. But I will. After a few years of using iWeb, eventually I found it to be just a bit too restrictive in what it allowed you to do. So, given the timing and all, I thought I would just jump ship and head over here for a fresh start.

As for why I blog at all, it’s partly because I have this inner need to express myself through writing (the subject of future postings). However, it’s also driven by that part of my personality that seems to have an opinion or observation on just about everything in life and that needs to express those thoughts. Combine them together and you have the makings of a blogger. Maybe not a good blogger, but a blogger nonetheless.

So here is where I will place random things that, for whatever reason, are important to me in one way or another. Doesn’t mean anyone else will care, but then that’s the beauty of the blog world. No one has to read what you write and no one has to care. I can assume (or hope) that at least a few people find whatever I have to say interesting, or humorous, or enlightening, or maybe even thought-provoking. In the end, though, I know I can count on my family to follow me here, and I’m thankful they put up with my ramblings (both in blog form and in person :-).

For anyone else who finds themselves here, perhaps as the result of a google search or some other happenstance, I hope you choose to come along for the ride and enjoy what I have to say. Don’t be a stranger, though. Say “Hi” and Let me know you stopped by.


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  1. Jenn
    July 26, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    Yes! New blog! You’ve been added to my Google Reader. I’m really looking forward to your future posts. Your previous entries have always been so fun to read. If we can’t be present to catch glimpses of your worldview in person, this is a nice alternative!

  2. July 28, 2011 at 12:07 am

    Oooh nice new digs. I must say Dave, I was quite pleased to see you’d joined the darkside and got a wordpress. Mostly because, commenting on the last one was so stinkin hard. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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